"I have worked with Robyn Morgan several times now for different events or trips.  Robyn is professional, timely, organized, knowledgeable, focused and very clear, specific and decisive about what works for her clients.  I always feel so much more confident (and relieved) after working with her for an event or trip and get compliments on my wardrobe.  Robyn has made fashion and wardrobe fun again.  In the words of Robyn, ‘my closet should inspire me!’  I would highly recommend Robyn Morgan and RoMorgan Style as a stylist and personal shopper."

Devika Parikh | Actress

"Robyn is great at patiently going through your closet and helping you let go of things taking up space.  Although we like to hold on to things we think are going to come back in style she only let me keep quality pieces that can still enhance my look.  I'm not a trendy person and tend to buy classic pieces that can last through fashion trends and Robyn helps me to do that, all while still trying to through in the latest style here or there.  I didn't realize that after Robyn had me donate 6 bags of clothes I still had a decent wardrobe to wear until I could start adding new items. I know in the future when I'm ready to upgrade my wardrobe I will definitely be calling on Robyn to help guide me in what looks best on me."

Gina McAllister | Business Manager/Accountant